Top Five Mistakes Made by CNC Administrators

March 17, 2010

Even though a CNC Administrator’s function is only a small part of your integration, it can be one of the most critical to your organization. Mistakes made by CNC Administrators cause unnecessary downtime and loss of productivity or revenue for your company. Here are  five common mistakes that CNC Administrators make and how you can avoid them.

5) Failure to look at the big picture (How does CNC impact the business?)
Often times what is considered best practices in many areas are not always the best method for your company. Too many CNC Administrators fall victim to blindly following those guidelines without considering how they will affect your business. All of our SmartCNC Administrators are experienced and trained to make the big picture the first priority when assessing any issue or project. This leads to a more productive and successful environment for your company.

4) Jumping to conclusions before all data has been assessed or forgetting to ask the proper questions
All too many times a user will approach a CNC Administrator with an issue that sounds like another more common issue and either dismisses the rest of the information or fails to dig deeper into the issue before taking action. This leads to user frustration and delayed responsiveness to the user before the issue gets resolved. SmartCNC Administrators are trained to ask the right questions and to assess the issue in its entirety prior to taking action.

3) Failure to properly test changes prior to implementing them in a production environment
We’ve seen it happen many times… An issue gets reported to Oracle Support, Oracle Support replies with a solution and many CNC Administrators blindly apply that solution and promote it into a production environment without properly testing it. Even in the most tightly controlled environment, improper testing of changes will burn you every time. SmartCNC Administrators are equipped with a proven methodology for testing changes to ensure that your production environment remains as stable as it should be.

2) Not double checking of their work
Often times CNC Administrators are under a lot of pressure to get changes and fixes made in time for key events. This has a tendency to lead to many mistakes, such as typos in configuration files and missing steps in a critical procedure.

1) Failure to Communicate
This is by far the worst and most detrimental mistake a CNC Administrator can make. It’s also the easiest one to make. Failure to communicate changes or the status of a change or project can lead to frustration at many levels within your organization. Knowing this, SmartCNC Administrators are equipped with the right tools and a strong methodology to make sure that this is never a concern for your organization. We understand that communication is a vital key to making your projects successful and we are committed to ensuring that it’s never the cause for frustration in your company.


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